Zagmir Solutions provide full turnkey services in, USA, ISRAEL, HK & China. Zagmir is a company that specializes in all aspects of manufacturing to shipping and handling of PCB Assembly, Plastic & Metal Enclosure, Power Suply, Cables, CNC & PCB, Air condition Bracket, Diffusers, Aluminum & Copper Pipes.
The company’s head office is based in FL USA and offices in HK, China & Israel. Our most experienced staff will supervise and accompany you from development to production. Our well experienced engineers will offer second sourcing options in order to reduce cost and time to market, maintaining top quality.
Do you need an electronic component? 
You Seeking for plastic or Metal enclosure?
Are you in the Air Condition industry?
Also offering storage and handling in Hong Kong and global shipping.


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Our services

  • Global Shipping

     Directly to your customers

  • Engineering

    Reduce cost & delivery L/T by second sourcing

  • Manufacturing

    SMT & TH assembly, plastic & metal enclosure, cable assembly

  • Quality assurance

     Our own well trained personnel at an American managed QA company

  • Low cost storage

     Our own depots in Hong Kong